As well as being a great strength and grip builder, Monkey Mill provides an intense cardiovascular workout.


Monkey Mill provides a real test of physical and mental endurance.


The heads-up display encourages users to extend their boundaries and adds a competitive edge to the workout.

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It’s well known that the benefits of using monkey bars are improved GRIP, increased core and upper body STRENGTH and cardiovascular ENDURANCE and this can now be achieved in a unique and motivating experience through using the Monkey Mill. This striking addition to your training space with its powerful branding, raw powder-coated steel frame and its distinctive shape will provide an undeniable impact.

Monkey Mill is an innovative motorised monkey bar machine, providing a unique mix of cardiovascular and strength conditioning for users of all levels of ability. The continuous moving bar system provides an endless run of monkey bars in a small footprint in your training space. Monkey Mill comes with the added functionality of varying speed settings and heads-up LED display showing live exercise information.

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– Operation console
Speed adjustments can be made through this console ranging from 9m/min to 30m/min. There are pre-set speeds for low, medium and high

– LED heads-up display
Visual display showing exercise information – time, distance and speed

– Rubber sleeve grips on monkey bars

– Step to enable an easier mount

– Floor
An interlocking floor tile system is included to provide a level landing surface for users to dismount onto

– Dimensions
Width – 1100mm
Height – 2630mm
Length – 1835mm


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Whether it is used as part of a circuit training session or added into the end of a weights session, Monkey Mill provides a total workout like no other machine.

With correct guidance and continued use within a training regime, Monkey Mill can be used as a tool for progressively building upper body and grip strength, starting with simply hanging onto a bar, and moving onto successfully swinging from bar to bar on a low speed setting.

For those who have mastered the monkey bar technique, Monkey Mill is a perfect tool for improving core and upper body strength, grip, and cardiovascular performance. Performing this exercise at any speed setting puts the whole body into action and even the shortest 20 second burst on the mill will have the heart racing and the muscles pumped. Finding a rhythm is the key to performing this exercise successfully and getting the most effective results. The core must be engaged and it works hard throughout the exercise to control the natural lateral swing of the body.

For those looking to push and extend their boundaries in strength and cardiovascular conditioning in a way that simply isn’t possible on any other machine, Monkey Mill comes into its own as a real goal setter and endurance tester. The speed can be set as high as 30m/min and distance or time goals can be set and extended using the heads-up display.


The use of the latimus dorsi is key. They act as an agonist as the user lifts themselves up during each swing. They also assist with stabilising the movement.


The deltoids are worked in a unique way. They are extended, whilst contracting and are working eccentrically to stabilise the movement.


The core is engaged throughout the exercise. It is working hard to control the swing and stabilise the movement.


Huge emphasis is put on the forearms which are working hard during each swing to support the user’s bodyweight with only one hand on the bar.


The biceps are worked in a similar way to the latimus dorsi. They are acting as an agonist during the lifting phase of each swing.

“So what are the benefits of incorporating the Monkey Bars into your training programme? Well, ask anyone that’s tried it!

Monkey Bars are a forgotten gem of an exercise. It’s a natural bio- mechanical movement that is a lot tougher than it looks. It’s fantastic for upper body, grip & core strength. A natural way to increase mobility & flexibility into you rotor cuffs, shoulders & upper back & lastly, it’s fun.

If your passionate about functional training, climbing or tough muddering at the weekend, adding the Monkey Mill into your training schedule is a must.”

Mark Jarvis Personal Trainer, Muscle Machine Gym, Leicester


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Monkey Mill world record set!! 5 minutes 20 seconds and a total of 133 metres covered!!! Brilliant technique #monkeymill #monkeybars #grip #functionalfitness

Competition time @ FIBO 2016!!! Get yourself down to Halle 9, D38. Prizes to be won!! #fibo2016 #monkeymill #functionalfitness #monkeybars

Interesting, yet effective technique on the Monkey Mill!! #monkeymill #monkeybars #grip #strength #endurance

Monkey Mill at @cavemantraining - Great gym!! Should be some fun circuit sessions over the next few days!! #monkeybars #monkeymill #circuittraining

Factory test of the latest version of Monkey Mill ahead of next months installations @ 40 Commando Royal Marines, Taunton & Caveman Training, Stoke!! #royalmarines #40commando #rmbjj #royalmarinescommando #monkeybars #monkeymill #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #crossfit #strength #grip #endurance #militarymuscle #militaryfitness @cavemantraining #circuittraining email: for price and order info

Some cracking efforts in yesterday's competition!! 2min 31seconds is the record #monkeymill #monkeybars #functionaltraining #grip #strength #endurance